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K2R Biotech is a leading systems and solutions integrator in the law enforcement and defence sectors. We specialise in best in class technologies to allow law enforcement to carry out their duties successfully. K2R Biotech Ltd is a leading security systems integrator and pioneer in the cyber security and information security section.


At K2RBiotech we aim at providing you with  the best services and products in Biomedical, Information Technology and  Security.
Supplying the most expansive choice of  consumables, chemicals, laboratory ware, diagnostic reagent kits, apparatuses,  general laboratory products, advanced security gear, cyber protection platforms  and advanced automobiles.
Bringing to you cutting age technological  devises and platforms to enhance medical,  security and Information Technology  sectors.

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ZEPCAM offers a complete bodycam solution that is easy to integrate.  ZEPCAM’s ruggedized bodycams are used by a wide range of law  enforcement officers working for municipalities (of which more than 50  are situated in The Netherlands), customs and prisons. Our customers  also work as immigration officers, border force officers, inspectors, tax  authorities, forest rangers and transport police.

ZEPCAM bodycams are praised for their effectiveness and ease of use.  Wearing visible bodycams has a clearly de-escalating effect.  Bodycams have been proven to reduce the likelihood, number and  impact of frontline incidents. Bodycam footage can subsequently be  used as evidence in criminal investigations and in the courtroom.

The Most ComprehensivDarknet Data Commercially  Available

DarkOwl offers a suite of data products designed  to meet the needs of business looking to  quantify risk and understand their threat attack  surface by leveraging darknet intelligence.  DarkOwl Vision app and API products make our  data easy to access in your browser, native  environment or customer-facing platform.

Changing the face of facial recognition

Corsight AI is a subsidiary of  Cortica for facial recognition. The  proprietary technology is based on  Autonomous AI®, developed during 13 years as part of a $70M R&D program.


We have been developing and building high-  performance supercars for more than 40 years  and transform vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz  brand into stylish unique vehicles – made in  Germany. The company is active in more than  100 countries around the globe and an owner-  led company to this day.

Keep ahead of threats by quickly finding relevant information online, in internal databases or from endpoint devices. Use our existing sources and workflows, or customize them to meet localized or industry needs. Leverage the power of AI to focus on relevant targets and cut through the noise..

TULPAR is a multipurpose platform with high lethality, modularity and growth potential that can be tailored to meet current and future operational requirements. Future-oriented perspective of modularity is to increase operational flexibility by using common components and a common chassis over wide range of vehicle variants. TULPAR comes in several variants that share common subsystems.